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James E. Tincher was born on June 2, 1969, in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  His father, James E. Tincher, Sr. and mother, Nancy Cherry Tincher, moved from Jeffersonville, Indiana, to find work in the auto manufacturing industry.  After a couple of years in Michigan, his parents moved back to Jeffersonville.

In the summer of 1975, his parents and brother, Brian, moved to Crawford County, Indiana where they settled down for the next 10+ years.  During the spring of 1977, the fifth addition to the Tincher family came along.  His baby brother, Chris, was born.

James, better known as Jimmy while growing up, attended Marengo Elementary from kindergarten to sixth grade.  While attending, he played every sport Marengo had to offer.  After elementary, he moved on to Crawford County Junior Senior High School.  While in junior high he only played basketball, sat the bench mostly, but was on the team.  While in high school, his passion was playing baseball.

In between all the sports he played, he did go to class.

At the age of sixteen James experienced a very emotional event.  This is when he first started writing because it was the first time in his life he thought about suicide.  The unfortunate thing is, when he wrote his feelings he usually threw them away because he was ashamed and feared what his parents might say if they saw them.  It wasn’t until years later that he began to take his writing seriously.  It was just after a classmate had passed away.  This is when James started saving his work.

Currently, James is an Operations Manager for a third-party logistics company.  He has four wonderful children Emily, Jocelyn, Jennah and Kyle.  He also has a beautiful granddaughter, Vivienne.  A son-in-law Nick, who takes great care of Emily and Vivienne.  There is Dylan, Jocelyn’s boyfriend.  He also has a wonderful partner in Tish, Patricia.